Industries Served


In particular, we invite clients from the fields of new technologies and healthcare to cooperate with us. However, we are also involved in interesting projects carried out by entrepreneurs operating in other sectors.


We provide comprehensive legal support to IT companies and IT service consumers. Our clients include integrators, software houses, outsourcing companies and freelancers.

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Innovation and Start-Ups

We assist start-ups and companies developing and implementing innovations. We help you choose the optimal legal form for your business or project and provide legal support throughout the entire period of operation.

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We offer comprehensive services for the e-commerce industry, including online stores, services and web portals.

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We provide legal advice to healthcare entities involved in the provision of healthcare services. We provide legal assistance to hospitals, clinics and individual medical practices.

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We provide comprehensive legal support

Assistance overview:

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Business contracts

We consult and prepare contracts used in all business transactions

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Transaction handling

We support our clients in capital transactions, including M&A

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Data protection

We advise on data protection and business confidentiality issues

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We represent our clients in negotiations, litigation and in public audit and administrative proceedings

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Corporate Law

We provide a full service on corporate matters, including the preparation of resolutions and bylaws

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Employment affairs

We advise on all personnel matters, including the preparation of employment, b2b and service contracts


How do we act?

We solve problems in a simple and methodical way:


We start by getting to know your company and your case, sourcing information, reviewing materials


We find a solution and prepare the relevant documents such as contracts, letters, legal analyses


We communicate the results to you and ensure their correct implementation

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