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We utilise
over 20 years of law practice experience.

Our history dates back to 2001. From the beginning, we were strongly associated with the IT industry, however initially we served a broader spectrum of clients. Since 2015, we have been operating as a specialist law firm, focusing on serving companies in the new technologies sector, including IT, e-commerce and innovation, as well as companies in the healthcare sector.

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We have built our experience chiefly in cooperation with entrepreneurs. At present, the Firm's clients include more than 100 entities, including medium and large-sized ones, conducting business in Poland and abroad.

Nurturing Growth

We accompany our clients at all stages of development. We provide support to company founders, start-ups, and mature companies employing from a few dozen to several hundred people.

Providing comprehensive assistance

We have more than 20 years of experience in serving businesses in typical areas of their activity such as corporate matters, personnel relations, commercial contracts, capital transactions, data protection and litigation.

Industries Served


The firm's clients are chiefly companies in the area of new technologies, including IT companies, e-commerce, start-ups, companies implementing innovations and companies in the healthcare sector.


We provide comprehensive legal support to IT companies and IT service consumers. Our clients include integrators, software houses, outsourcing companies and freelancers.

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Innovation and Start-Ups

We assist start-ups and companies developing and implementing innovations. We help you choose the optimal legal form for your business or project and provide legal support throughout the entire period of operation.

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We offer comprehensive services for the e-commerce industry, including online stores, services and web portals.

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We provide legal advice to healthcare entities involved in the provision of healthcare services. We provide legal assistance to hospitals, clinics and individual medical practices.

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